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The EHS PTA is committed to a mini-grant program which began in 2009.  The EHS PTA Mini-Grant program provides educator members of the EHS PTA with funds for implementing an enhanced educational experience for the students during the school year.  These grants are intended to encourage educators to experiment, to try out new approaches and/or design a new learning project, and/or work to improve our EHS community, and/or extend the curriculum beyond the standard classroom experience.  It is our hope that educational experiences will develop for both our students and educators through the use of these grants.


The EHS PTA Mini-Grant program is a “rolling” program, allowing for grants to be awarded throughout the school year.  EHS PTA Mini-Grant funds can be used, for example, to purchase equipment, engage a speaker or to partially or fully cover a field trip as long as these expenditures are not mere ends in themselves but rather are components of a well-planned project integrated with other curriculum materials and activities. While the initial EHS PTA commitment is $3,000 each school year, the EHS PTA is ready to hold fund-raisers as needed to meet all qualified mini-grant needs.


EHS PTA Mini-Grants are available to all EHS educators. Applications will be available at every EHS PTA meeting.  To qualify for an EHS PTA Mini-Grant you must be a member of the EHS PTA. You must also be willing to share your project and experiences with you colleagues and the EHS community. 


The criteria for EHS PTA Mini-Grants are:


  1. The project offers an educational approach that has a direct impact on a significant number of EHS students or the EHS community generally.
  2. The educational goals and value of the project are clearly expressed.
  3. The project is clearly described.
  4. The budget is clear and realistic.


Completed applications should be placed in the EHS PTA mail box in the EHS Main Office or submitted via email to the EHS PTA at   An acknowledgement will be emailed noting its receipt by the Mini-Grant review board.


In a time of cut backs and conservation, the EHS PTA encourages its teacher members to do more, with more. The PTA is here to support you. Now, let’s get creative!


The EHS PTA is committed to improving our schools and community through funding for our student mini-grant program. Limited grants are available to EHS Students to help fund projects and/or programs of special interest to our school or community which will enhance academic achievement. The EHS PTA Student Mini-Grant program is a rolling program, whereby grants will be awarded throughout the school year. Please review the  application below with your High School student and if there is a program your student is working on that fits the criteria please have them submit it for review.

Doris Bernabo,
Aug 23, 2017, 11:23 AM
Doris Bernabo,
Aug 26, 2016, 11:09 AM
Doris Bernabo,
Aug 23, 2017, 11:23 AM